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Historically, the pendant chain and bracelet chain have dominated the jewelry world. Early pendant chains were always hand made, ranging from roughly hewn designs from pieces of gold to the more elaborate, and obviously, more expensive chains worn by monarchs and people of status. The more chains and pendants that you wore, the higher in status you were. What we now call a 'status symbol'. Today, gold chains are manufactured using up to date technology. It means that styles of chains have increased and the regularity in design of the styles have improved. And in all cases the gold chain has been used to display pendants. It is not just gold that is used as a pendant chain. Silver, platinum, white metals, and even leather in more contemporary designs have been put to this use.

Styles of Pendant Chain

A Flat Curbed Anchor Chain ~ This chain is also known as the Gucci and is produced by adding an extra bar in the centre on a round curb chain. It is then rolled and diamond milled to flatten it producing a shiny high polished finish.

Barley Corn or Wheat Chain is a simple but effective construction of gold pendant chain.

Round Curb Chain. This chain is formed by using a half twist to a trace link chain

The Belcher Chain Ever popular with men in the larger gauges, pretty enough for a female pendant chain.

The Figaro Chain ~ A gold or silver slightly more fragile chain, with elongated links connected to three small round links.

The Spiga Chain is perfect as a pendant chain or can be worn alone as a light filigree piece.

The gold chain has been a much coveted and popular piece of jewelry for centuries and is the chosen piece as a pendant chain. In Tudor times, King Henry 8th wore many pendant chains, not only around his neck but also sewn onto his velvet tunics. Even in battle the monarch would wear pendants and other jewelry.
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